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Archive for June 2008


    I don’t know if it’s hormonal (I didn’t think I had any of them left) or what, but in the past year, I’ve gone back to crying over just about everything. This is “good” crying, as opposed to “wanting to slit my wrists” crying. By good crying, I mean that it feels healthy…

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The Challenge of Revisions

  “It’s never too late — in fiction or in life — to revise.”                                                                   Nancy Thayer   I love that Nancy Thayer quote, but I’m not sure how accurate it is when it comes to either fiction or life. I have about a week left to go in revising After the Storm, and then…

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Thank you, Target!

This weekend, The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes officially became the summer Bookclub Pick for Target’s Bookmarked program! If you have a minute, pop over to Target’s Bookclub site, click on the cover, and see what a great job Target and my publisher did in creating a lovely showcase for CeeCee. I’m excited that one of my stories–one…

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Why I Adored Tim Russert

I never met Tim Russert, but I’m going to miss him. I can’t think of another newsperson so irreplaceable, and it’s impossible to imagine Meet the Press without him. I know enough about Russert to know he was a Democrat, but that was immaterial to his interviewing style. You could never truly tell whose side he was…

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The Book Launch for Before the Storm

Wow, what a great night! Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh provided two scrumptious cakes, I was able to talk about my favorite topic (writing), the audience was attentive and appreciative, and they bought books by the armload. . .which led to the only negative of the evening: we ran out of books! I was so sorry…

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Making Love does not Love Make

Our air conditioning is out. Not a good thing In North Carolina. The prediction is for highs near 100 all week, so I hope we can get this fixed pronto! Meanwhile, I have my office ceiling fan on high speed, my hair up, my cooling Neckbandoo around my neck along with my portable mini-fan, but my computer…

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