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Archive for May 2008

Before the Storm

Finally, June first, the actual release date for Before the Storm, is here (well, it will be tomorrow), so I thought I would share with you some of my thoughts about this book. The idea for Before the Storm initially came to me in two parts. I was thinking about a story idea involving a teenager who appears…

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Hardcover vs Trade Paperback

A few of you have already purchased my June release, Before the Storm, and at least a couple of you have asked why it’s in trade (large-size) paperback instead of hardcover, so I thought I’d try to answer that question here. The first thing you need to know is that this decision is nearly always up…

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Wedding, Waltz and Braids

Okay! Let’s see if I’ve mastered this new blog format well enough to add pictures. I’m in Bellingham, Washington on my semi-non-working vacation, where my niece, Susan and her fiance, John, were married on Sunday. It was such a treat to be part of their special day, since I live 3000 miles away. The weather was incredible,…

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Blog Issues!

My web designer and I apologize for the problems some of you have been having with my new blog. We’re working out the snags. We’re trying to make it so you don’t have to register in order to leave a post–if you respond to this and future posts, for  example, you should not have to…

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Some Pictures from the Topsail Research Trip

As promised a couple of posts ago, here are some photos from my recent research trip to Topsail Island. I mentioned the wonderful pre-release dinner Glen Pierce hosted for me at Sterling Bryson’s sound-front home. Here I am with my new friends on Sterling’s porch. L to R, Craig and Dawn Brannon, Fred Beasley, John Brock,…

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