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Archive for March 2008

Notes from My Desk

Yes, my books are soooooo sexy, as you can tell by these notes. Ha! They’re all about when so-and-so had to have sex to produce so-and-so. (trying not to give away too much here). The note in the lower left reads, in part, “or cld sy con’d march 15 due dec 15” and “have sex…

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Joy! A Great Publishers Weekly Review

Another piece of good news I have to share. Every author waits on pins and needles to see what Publishers Weekly, the trade magazine targeted at booksellers, libarians and others in the industry, has to say about his or her book. PW reviewers–who don’t have to sign their reviews–can be brutal, but they can also be kind.…

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The Sobfest

                    Here I am, caught in the middle of working on an emotional part of AFTER THE STORM. I had a bunch of movie soundtracks on the stereo and was moving notecards around for the last sections of the book (yes, I know, my deadline was…

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Exciting News!

On Friday, I received a call from my editor that really has me doing a happy dance! THE SECRET LIFE OF CEECEE WILKES has been selected as a June Book Club pick for Target’s Bookmarked program. Target says Bookmarked “is all about discovering and enjoying great books”. CEECEE will have a special print run just for…

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My D in Typing

  I was looking through my early notes on AFTER THE STORM to see if there were things I’d forgotten. I thought I’d share with you a small example of what my early notes look like. My favorite word in the mess below is “heargroken.” For those of you who don’t speak diane-type, that’s “heartbroken”…

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The Final Week

                        Yep. After a month solid at the computer, this is me. Except for the cigarette. Oh, and the fuscia. Plus, her desk is way too neat. But nothing fits me anymore. I can’t zip my jeans. I have several  king-sized M&M peanuts wrappers in…

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The New Photograph of Helen Keller

  New England Historical Genealogical Society Have you all seen this beautiful, just-discovered 1988 photograph  of Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan? I saw it on AOL this morning and couldn’t take my eyes off it. Before I knew it, tears were running down my cheeks. I wasn’t sad. Just moved. Her story has always moved…

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Fun with Mary Kay Andrews

Mary Kay (aka Kathy Trochek) was in town Thursday night to kick off the publication of her latest book, DEEP DISH. Kathy is one of the scribblers group I’ve been taken in by since my move to Raleigh. We all (minus our darling Alex Sokoloff, who was speaking elsewhere to kick off the publication of her…

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