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Archive for February 2008

Major Snag!

Oh, the best laid plans. . . With less than three weeks till deadline, I just discovered an absolutely insurmountable snag in my story. Actually, after 18 books, I know there are no insurmountable snags, but that’s how I’m feeling at the moment. And since I can’t figure out how to surmount the snag right now, I’ll…

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Bambi, et al

It’s been a crazy week here, between work and (very welcome) houseguests, so rather than get serious, I’m just going to post some pixes.   This is the view from my office window. Yes, the dear deer are back (actually, they never went away. Here they are eating what the drought hasn’t killed. (The “bars” on the…

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The "How to Publish a Book" Panel

Saturday evening, I participated on a panel sponsored by the Raleigh Right-to-Publish group at Quail Ridge Books. The topic was “How to Publish a Book,” and we had a packed house. Since the four of us have been published in very different ways, the discussion covered a lot of interesting territory.  Stacey Cochran (on the left) was…

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Reading Barbara Delinsky (cue Twilight Zone music)

I just finished Barbara Delinsky’s latest, THE SECRET BETWEEN US (Isn’t that a great title?). I thoroughly enjoyed it. But I had a weird spooky deja vu feeling as I started reading it. Having recently finished reading the galleys for my June release, BEFORE THE STORM, the plot similarities between Delinksy’s book and mine jumped…

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The Deadline Nightmares have Begun

Literally. I have a month left to go on AFTER THE STORM. In my waking hours, I feel marvelously in control (except for a few little glitches in the last couple of chapters). I’m on target (well, almost). I know my characters inside out (this is true). The novel is taking those twists I never…

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Pathology on the Porch: Show, Don't Tell

 What a stunner of a day! When it hit 70 degrees, I took my work onto the porch and worked in the balmy air for several hours before it grew chilly again. And what did I work on (among other things)? One of the most difficult but important lessons for any writer to master: Showing…

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