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Archive for November 2007


My brother Rob‘s latest novel, SUCH A KILLING CRIME, was just translated into Italian and he emailed my sibs and myself a computer translation of the first paragraph to see how it looked. Well, those of you who have used the internet translation programs know they are imperfect, and his first paragraph was pretty funny. I…

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Those Filthy Rich Romance Writers!

I’m being facetious. A romance writing acquaintance, Brenda Hiatt, gathered information on the advances and royalties paid to romance writers she surveyed over the past seven years. If you’re curious, click here. It’s quite an eye opener. With a very few exceptions, it’s clear that these women (and men) write for the love of writing! It’s…

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Adoption Day

I can’t count how many of you have asked me about the dedication in my book, KISS RIVER, over the years. The dedication reads “For Haseena and the other waiting children.” You wanted to know who Haseena was. I told you that she was a little girl in India whom my writer friend Sharon and her husband…

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Goin' for a Ride

Well, my dogsitter Brenda had yet another BAY AT MIDNIGHT surprise for me. She noted that one of the characters in the book drives a white beetle convertible. So, since she happened to have one lying around her house (her husband reburbishes cars), she came over to take me for a spin. That’s Brenda in the…

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WIP: The Color-Coded Cards

Here are the scenes for my Work-in-Progress, spread out on my dining room table. Three main characters each have a point of view (the white, purple and blue cards). The hot pink cards are scenes from the point of view of a fourth, less significant, character. The green cards represent a first person account of the…

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The Bay at Midnight Bungalow

My dogsitter was up in New Jersey and took a side trip to see my old family bungalow, the setting in THE BAY AT MIDNIGHT. She was sweet enough to take pictures for me. As my sister said when I emailed her the pictures: “it makes me both happy and sad.” The bungalow and canal…

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The Writers' Strike

I’m going to miss my favorite TV shows as much as the next person, but I support the writers’ strike. Why? Because I’m a writer and the same issues that affect screenwriters also affect–or will in the near future–all writers. If you’re interested in understanding what the screenwriters are fighting for, this simple YouTube video…

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WIP: I Want to be a Pantser in my Next Life

If you’re not a novelist, I bet the subject heading looks like Greek to you! Those who’ve read my blog for a while know that WIP means Work-in-Progress, but what is a Pantser? Novelists fall into two general camps: Pantsers and Plotters. Pantsers write “by the seat of their pants.” They avoid outlines and anything…

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Inside the Mind of a Fiction Writer

We just got back from a quick trip to Baltimore. Here’s a look inside my imaginative (others might say “sick”) mind: -the man riding in the hotel elevator with us was on his way up to meet his illicit lover for a tryst -The body of a suicidal woman dropped past our hotel room window while…

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