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Archive for February 2007

The Search for a Title

Anguish! THE SEA TENDER is out of the running because my editor/publisher feels it’s too passive and doesn’t capture the emotional intensity of the story. The central theme of the story–in a teeny tiny inadequate nutshell–is the length a loving family (mother, sister and uncle) will go to to protect one of their own (fifteen-year-old Andy. Andy…

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A Letter from Long Ago

Well, now, this is funny! I have a treasure box–a large plastic tub in which I keep all those odds and ends that have meaning to me but that don’t belong anywhere else in my house. I have my original wedding ring in it, a picture I took of Felix Cavaliere (The Young Rascals) back when…

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More Workshop Information

My May 19th workshop on characterization is now open for registration. You can learn more about it — including the most important piece of information — lunch choices! — here. I’m really looking forward to teaching this class!

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WIP – Research

It’s not only the big stuff that requires research when writing a novel. The big stuff in my current Work-in-Progress includes Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and whale behavior. But I thought I’d illustrate how much research truly goes into a book. As I’ve mentioned before, as I write, I keep a running list of things I…

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Connected Books — Your Thoughts?

I know we discussed this a while back, but as I think about ideas for the book I’ll write after my current work-in-progress, I’m toying with the concept again. How do you feel about connected books? By that I mean: a trilogy or continuation of the story with the same characters (as in the KEEPER…

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WIP: Uh Oh

Well, as I’ve mentioned before, you never know when a character is going to do something unexpected in your Work-in-Progress. I should have also mentioned that you never know when your editor is going to do something unexpected as well. I’ve been blessed with the BEST editors–and that can be a problem because they’re always thinking…

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WIP: The "Pass" Maneuver

I talk to so many people who want to write a novel, and often they tell me they get started, get stuck, put it away and never go back to it again. So here is the elegant, highly sophisticated technique I use when I get stuck in my first draft: I simply say to myself “pass,”…

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Sidney Sheldon and Molly Ivins

Now that’s an odd pairing.   In the last couple of days, we’ve lost them both. I don’t believe I’ve ever read a book by Sidney Sheldon, but if my mother didn’t have one of my books in her hand, she had one of his. (My father, on the other hand, loved Andrew Greeley novels. In…

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