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Archive for January 2007

WIP: Writing a Scene

I guess I am a bit of an obsessive outliner after all, because even as I prepare to write a scene, I make a semblance of an outline. It keeps me on track. I ask myself what I need to get across in the scene, then jot down notes. Here’s an example from early in…

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WIP: The Go-Back List, etc.

I’m doing my ten pages a day. . . well, trying to, anyway. Even though this story has been outlined and re-outlined for months, I still find (and always do) that I need a Go-Back List. What this means is that, as I’m writing a scene or narrative, I realize I need to plant something…

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Enter the Dragon: A Re-Run

Back by popular demand, this little essay is from my former blog:  When I’m typing for many hours every day (as I am now since I’m racing toward deadline), my hands sometimes to get painful and stiff from rheumatoid arthritis. That’s when I break out the Dragon. Dragon NaturallySpeaking, that is. Its voice recognition software. I’m glad…

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No New Book in 2007 :(

I know I’ve already blogged about this, but from my email, it’s clear not everyone’s reading my blog! I just spent an hour responding to “when is your new book coming out” emails. I’m so touched that my readers know when my books usually come out and that’s they’re happily anticipating each release.  However, due…

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Partners in Crime

                   Saturday, I spoke on a panel at the new Holly Springs Library and Cultural Center with members of the local crimewriters gang. From left, that’s Sarah Shaber of the Professor Simon Shaw Mysteries, Margaret Maron of the Deborah Knott Series, me, and Brenda Witchger, aka Brynn…

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THE PACT by Jodi Picoult

This is an engrossing, fast-paced, well-structured novel about a suicide pact made–or not made?–between two teenagers. I love the way Picoult shifts between past and present, or as she refers to it, “then” and “now.” It’s seamless, never jarring. She’s also an author whose quality writing never gets in the way of her story. The…

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A Bookgroup Visit

I love visiting bookgroups when I have time. I love it even when I have no time, like today. It was a wonderful break from the hard last few days.  Here I am with part of the group I met with this afternoon. They’re mostly teachers (yay, teachers!). They read KEEPER OF THE LIGHT (although…

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Where am I? And When Will My Next Book be Out?

I’m in New Jersey, dealing with a family emergency, with little on-line time and little writing time. If you know my books, you know that family always comes first in my eyes! But I have received many, most appreciated, emails asking where my 2007 book is, since I usually have a paperback on the shelves…

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My Favorite Movie

 What is it about A BEAUTIFUL MIND? With the long weekend, John and I had run out of Netflix movies so we turned to our small collection of DVDs and put on ABM, which I’ve seen at least six times. To me, this movie is a masterpiece. First, Ron Howard (and the screenwriters) took a yawner of…

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