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Archive for December 2006

What I'm Reading

Into non-fiction at the moment as I do more research for my Work-in-Progress. So I’m reading various books on Post-Partum Depression, which has definitely increased my sympathy for the poor mom (still without her permanent name) in my story. I’m reading about swim teams and fire departments, and I’m also reading books on afterlife encounters.…

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"What's up with that?" she thought.

 I’m reading a book by an author I’ve read many times before (not naming the book until I decide if I like it or not.) Something is driving me bonkers in this book: the character’s thoughts are in quotation marks. It’s very disconcerting. Usually I’ll put a character’s thoughts in italics, but if I’m adding…

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Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks

John and I just bought an inexpensive keyboard. I dabbled with piano as a grownup a couple of decades ago. I was never very good, but enjoyed it and missed it. I couldn’t see buying a piano, though, for occasional dabbling. Similarly, John took lessons as a kid. We saw a keyboard at Costco and…

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WIP: A Ramble

I’ve heard from a few of you who are curious to know what’s up with my WIP, which made me realize I haven’t discussed it in a while. So here goes. If you’re familiar with my blog, you know I’m a big believer in pre-writing. That means outlining the story and getting to know the characters.…

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THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL by Philippa Gregory

  Wow, I don’t get it. I’m reading this book for my neighborhood book group. I don’t like reading historicals, and some of the writing in this makes me shudder.  “(I was) . . . in the cream gown that Anne had chosen for me, with my cream headdress pulling my rich hair off my young…

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