Let’s Perk Up the Private Relations Cover

It’ll still be a month or so before I’m able to make Private Relations available for those of you who have e-readers, but I’m excited about freshening up the old cover. Private Relations was my very first novel. It’s the story of two men and three women who live together in a big house on the Jersey Shore, and it focuses on the romance between two of them. Private Relations won the RITA award for best single title contemporary novel from the Romance Writers of America. It’s very different from my current novels, but I hope you’ll still enjoy it.  I’m looking forward to bringing it into the twenty-first century with a fresh new cover. These images below are made from rough comp pictures and of course, they’re missing the title and my name, but I hope you’ll vote on your favorite so I can polish into the perfect cover.











  1. Margo says

    Love #D, Diane!…when I first read your post I thought #A
    was going to be my favorite but when I scrolled down and saw #D there was no doubt in my mind…the 5 friends brought back all my memories of PRIVATE RELATIONS and how much I loved the concept of them living together at Chapel House.
    I vote #D

  2. says

    Thank you all for voting! Adding the results here to the results on Facebooks, the winner is D, with both A and B tied for second place. C and E received one vote each. However, I have to think about how D, A and B will look in thumbnail size. It will be a while before that book’s ready to go live, so I have some time to think about it. Thanks again for your help!

  3. Jackie Lane says

    I would definitely have said E. I buy a lot of books because of the cover and felt the other covers were not as striking as E.

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